Aramid Case for iPhone X

The thinnest & lightest case with embedded metal plate.

Attachable on Car Mount

Convenient & Swift
image 3-min

Wireless charging friendly

Full Protection

One piece full around edge protect your smartphone

What is Aramid? And Why Aramid?

Same composites material family as carbon fiber and kevlar. Same appearance of carbon fiber without any reception issues that carbon fiber could cause. This is accomplished by being non-conductive, a characteristic of Aramid and Kevlar fibers. 5 Times stronger than steel with lighter weight. Widely used in Aerospace, Racing Vehicles, Body Armor and loved for its excellent resistance of heat.

3D Grippy Skin

A pleasant, non-slippery texture is added by vacuum forming, along with a Baby soft coating. So you'll never want to let go.
3D Grippy Skin - revised-min

Spirit of Supercar Handcraft Assembly

Each piece of carbon fiber is manually polished by our professional staff, proofreading the straightness of the four sides and measuring the thickness before fitting it.

Key Features

Classic Aramid Twill & Timeless Black
Styles for selection