Buying The Right Shin Guard With Sleeves Helps You Prevent Injuries

As we all know that the world of sports is full of risk if not proper precautionary measures are taken. In the past, we have seen number of such cases reported where the due to the lack of precautionary measures players had to suffer a lot. Some ended up with hairline fractures whereas others ended up with broken legs. Specifically if we talk about shin guards they are used in soccer and are wear by all players on the field to prevent injuries to the lower leg. Shin guards with sleeves are great protective equipment during sports games but only effective if they are worn properly.


Correct Way to Wear Your Shin Guard Sleeves


Measure your leg


If not worn properly shin guard is useless to wear.  An improperly fitting pair cannot improve performance but impede athletic performance because if small in size they won’t cover your leg and can make you uncomfortable during the game. Remember, It can also be dangerous. On the other hand, shin guards that are too big can come along your way and cause you severe injury like fractures or broken legs. Therefore, picking the right size is of great importance for your protection.


Cover your shin by measuring it 2 inch below the knee and measure it just above the bend of your ankle. This way you can get the right pair of your shin pad. This way you can get the ideal size for your shin guard.


Invest In Expensive One

You may get a variety of shin guards with different designs and brands but you need to choose the perfect fit for you irrespective how expensive it is. Shin guards available in the market ranges from least to high prices. As a general rule based on experience, the more expensive set of pad offers better protection. That doesn’t mean you need to buy a branded one, however, there are other best options available too. If you are a beginner you need to research around for adequate protection. We would recommend you to invest in carbon fiber shin guards as they are tested and is being used by the players around the world.


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