Why Carbon Fiber Wallet Is Most Demanding And Have The Same Recognition As Steel?

Claims To Be 5 Times Stronger Than Steel

The high performance carbon fiber material is claimed to be stronger than metals, were officially invented in the year 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio. Even then, it wasn’t recognized as the nice manufacturing material but years later when a British research center established in 1963, the manufacturing process of this material started and came to light. But unlike steel, titanium and aluminum (metals), carbon fiber is not commonly known to public and majority is still unfamiliar with. In this blog, we have shed some light on how it is made and what are the benefits of using carbon fiber wallets.

How Is It Made?

Carbon fiber aka graphite fiber is made from an organic polymer named polyacrylonitrile. Without wading too deeply in the world of fibers, this raw material is stretched into long strands (fibers) called the “precursor” which is thinner than human hair.

Carbonization: The process in which fibers are heated on extremely high temperatures (zero oxygen). After heating, carbon fibers are twisted (sort of knitting) into interlaced chains. With this development process, it is understandable that the material is high heat resistant. Pretty high tech, as compared to other materials manufacturing process. Crazy, right?

Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Wallet

There is an endless list of advantages, difficult to summarize in one go.

Light Weighted Yet Stronger Than Steel

Steel is known to be very hard and strong. Well, carbon fiber is one-two-punch combination; light weighted. The material is super soft and anything made of it gives you immense pleasure of long term use.


These days it is not easy to afford high quality items whether you purchase wallet or anything else. Moving towards brand means you need to invest high proportion of savings which obviously a middle class man couldn’t do. Carbon fiber wallets are affordable to all, irrespective of class. If you search about the price, you will come to know the minimum range is $20 of a good quality wallet; however, brands are also using carbon fiber in the manufacturing of their items which are not affordable to all.

Choose The Right Wallet For You

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