Highest Selling Gucci Mens Wallet Is Everything You Need

Gucci (GOO-chee) is an Italian luxury brand was founded in 1921. With beginnings, company became one of the world’s most best selling manufacturers of leather goods, clothing, shoes etc. They have an endless list of high quality fashion items. Each product is different from the other in the sense of designs and craftsmanship. In the year 2013, with sales of around US $ 4.7 million, Gucci is ranked (in the Forbes World’s Brands list) 38th most valuable brand. From Gucci Mens Wallet to womens earrings, everything is out classed.

As of September 2009, Gucci operates about 278 stores worldwide. With expansion, they are now planning to open more standalone stores in different cities. Gucci employed skilled workers; they are attentive to finishing the product no one could ever beat. From quality to stitching everything is mind boggling. Due to its uniqueness, this brand is not affordable to all. Only high class people can buy Gucci products. These days many manufacturers are in the race to manufacture Gucci products replicas for those who can’t afford. Obviously these replicas are affordable to middle class but the quality and design is far away from the original one.

What If You Can’t Get Your Hands On Gucci?


Carbon fiber is the next generation! Their products are as strong as steel and best known for its durability and long life. Other best characteristics are as follows:


  • High in stiffness
  • Low weight to strength ratio
  • High in chemical resistance
  • Tolerance to excessive heat
  • Has low thermal expansion


Not only this, carbon fiber widely used in automobile industries and did you know that almost all international brands like Gucci, Nike, LV, MK, Chanel and others are using carbon fiber instead of leather? Yes, that’s true, wallets, bags, money clips, phone cases all are mostly made from carbon fiber. Keeping in view this latest innovation, CL CarbonLife has setup its own manufacturing unit which gives you best Gucci mens wallet and other things. We are not substitute for these brands but we take them as our competitor. And the good news is that, our high end quality products are affordable to all. We guarantee, from the material to stitching, everything is perfect.


What We Have?

We have not limited ourselves to the production of wallets only. In addition to wallets, the manufacturers are also producing high-quality Shin Guards, Money Clips, Credit Card Cases, Cigar Cases and Iphone Cases. To learn more about us, you can visit www.clcarbonlife.com. The company welcomes you with open heart. You can give us your suggestions by filling contact us form or sending email to us at [email protected].