Looking For The Best Soccer Nike Shin Guards?

Some see shin guard as a part of player’s uniform, while others see as an important component of player safety. In most circumstances, it is as important as jersey kit happens to be. Finding the best soccer shin guards is not a problem anymore. You just need to look for the right size and shape. Comfort and control of the player’s position also come into play. This blog will help you choose the right fit.

When it comes to safety of your ankles, never compromise! Shin guards are the professional’s choice to protect their ankles from any kind of injury, fracture or other mishap. They are great at protecting your kids legs from hard shots and kicks. At CL CarbonLife, we got the biggest collection of carbon fiber shin guards that are never the less than Nike shin guards that are damn expensive to afford for middle class people. Both adult and kids players can benefit from the carbon fiber shin guards.

Use Of A Shield Plate Is A Must Have

The modern shin guard uses a shield plate, for extra protection, on the front of the equipment. This protective shield is the primary component and provides great amount of the protection that a player receives. Your next question might be that is the shield made up of steel and is yes will it not be uncomfortable for the players to move? The modern shield plate is not made from hard plastic and usually a carbon fiber composite is used in the making.

A Small Guide About The Sizing For Shin Guards

Since not every soccer player fits into a standard size, you’ll find sizing usually comes from specific age or measurement for the wearer. Here is a quick tour to sizing chart for your reference that will help you find the best shin guards that meet your needs.

Large (L) and Extra Large (XL)

  • Typically intended to be worn by adult
  • 5’7” is the minimum height requirement and up to 6’10”.


  • Good for 14-17 years old children
  • Who are 5’3”-5’9” in height
  • Medium size may be viable, in standardized sizing, for kids and adults having height up to 5’10”


  • Suitable for 10-13 years old children and
  • Having height 4’7-5’3”


Extra Small

  • For little munchkins (for children 6-9 years old ) and who are
  • 4’6” or below in height.


Get Best Carbon Fiber Shin Guards Now!

Our best quality shin guards are perfect for both kids and adults who need extra level of protection. They allow greater level of injury protection for the shin and the ankle. Our carbon fiber guard is flexible enough to wrap around the players shin if size chosen is perfect for the player. So what are you waiting for? Order the quality never the less than Nike shin guards.