Looking For The Next Generation Wallets? You Need To Invest In CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Wallets

Carbon atom is best known for its strength. About 10% of carbon fiber is made from rayon or petroleum pitch and 90% from polyacrylonitrile (PAN). All these are organic polymers, bound together by carbon atoms, with long strings of molecules and have several advantages like; Very strong, High tensile strength, Ultra lightweight, High stiffness, Low thermal expansion, High-temperature tolerance, High chemical resistance and Modern, high-tech look. What else you want? Uptill now, no other fabric has been characterized for so many qualities, thus, carbon fiber wallets wins the race.

Weight-to-strength ratio is astonishing

Did you know Carbon fiber’s is thinner than a strand of human hair, stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum? It gets its strength when combined and twisted like yarn. To form a tow, thousand carbon fibers combined with other materials are bundled together to form a composite. The manufacturing process of carbon fiber wallet is lengthy but gives you guaranteed results which other fabric fails to deliver.

Easy and detailed craftsmanship

Unlike other materials, it is easy to showcase your designs on carbon fiber material because the fabric is sleek and smooth so its easy to emboss any design. With our wallets, you don’t need to worry about the copied designs as we have best designers who work hard to showcase their designing skills and never copy from other brands. Today in the market you will see hundreds of replicas of branded items and also which people love to purchase but we believe in uniqueness. We can produce wallets as per your customized designs also, provided the quantity you need meets our minimum order quantity. It is better to talk in detail with us through contact us form or email.

Won’t destroy your wardrobe appearance

When you get ready you make sure everything from head to toe goes perfect. With heavy bulky wallets can you assure your wardrobe doesn’t look bad? The answer is No. when you put heavy wallets in your front or back pocket, it looks ugly and destroys your entire look no matter which brand are you wearing. To avoid this single mistake you should carry thin wallets. As we know, carbon fiber wallets are light weight and thin, it is best to invest now.

Pocket friendliness

Leathers aren’t pocket friendly for normal salaried person. Carbon fiber itself is cheap material as compared to leather or other materials. Therefore, items produced from this low cost material would definitely cost you low. Yes, but if you go for high-end branded wallets, you won’t find this material cheap but from us you will get the combo of affordability plus uniqueness.