Are You Looking For Slim Carbon Fiber Business Card Holder?

In the professional world when you meet people of different levels you start realizing how well they are dressed up. Even normal sales personnel make his wardrobe and accessories look appealing by carrying good quality wallets, card holders, phone cases etc. When you look out for a basic and simple stylish accessories combine with the carbon fiber material, you will see the magic happened and forget all other materials these items are made up of. The carbon fiber material is ultra thin, super lightweight, and durable. By carrying wallet or card holder inside your front pocket you don’t need to get worried about wardrobe appearance as it will never affect that. The twill woven texture of carbon fiber material makes it more unique and sophisticated.

Flattery gets you everywhere. There is nothing worse than making your wardrobe appearance look ugly by just because of carrying a bulky wallet. It is high time to invest in card holders to separate out your cards (work pass, credit and debit card, Oyster card etc) so that you can leave home confidently. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of both men and women card holders available in the market and out there from the cheap to the most expensive one. High-class society goes for branded products and middle class try hard to meet that level. Our company is trying hard to meet this gap of affordability by manufacturing products that are least expensive and made of good quality material so that people can easily afford. Since our inception we have captured the market with our sincere efforts and honest customer dealing. We have hired top notch designers to make unique designs that have gained hearts of both men and women of different ages. Card holder is a must-have for you to buy if you are in the professional world and so we suggest you to purchase the best quality.

Why Buy Carbon Fiber Card Holders?


  • Extremely strong
  • Low weight to strength ratio
  • High in tensile strength
  • High in stiffness
  • Has low thermal expansion
  • Temperature tolerant to excessive heat
  • High in chemical resistance
    ● Widely used in NASA/Aerospace, industries & cool applications (Ferrari, Lamborghini), high-end sporting equipment like shin guards, yachts and even items from Chanel, Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Montblanc and more.

Buy From CL CarbonLife

We have a comprehensive range of wallets, shin guards, phone cases, and business card holder etc available in carbon fiber material that you will definitely find useful when you buy it. Visit www.clcarbonlife.com now to explore the world of best carbon fiber products.