Michael Kors Wallet-The Trendsetter Of The Wallet Fashion World

Michael Kors, from runways to collections is a distinct style brand that innovates by focusing excellent craftsmanship, spacious interior and stylish looks. The brand earns praise for its beauty but have one of the high prices, not affordable to all. So majority look for alternatives. If you’re among them who want MK wallet that won’t break your budget, this platform proves that you can get nice quality at a reasonable price.

Carbon Fiber Wallets Are Never The Less Than Michael Kors Wallet

Take every detail seriously! Your budget is your backbone if you have a family to run and work day and night to feed them. Branded wallets are no doubt best to invest in but if you’re an average salaried person, will you save hundreds of dollars just to buy one wallet? Obviously not! Look for best alternatives.

When you have decided to invest in high quality stylish wallet then why not purchase wallets made up carbon fiber? The reason, products made up of this material last longer than normal leather wallet and are eight times stronger than steel. Investing once in a good wallet saves your time, money and from embarrassing situations. Wallet isn’t only kept in pocket so its style can’t be ignored. When you pull out your wallet in cash counters, people behind you notices everything about it. From the material to the color and design, every part of wallet is noticeable.

We have list down the following characteristics because of which both men and women love carbon fiber wallets.

  • High in stiffness and chemical resistance
  • Extremely strong
  • Tolerance to excessive heat
  • Low weight to strength ratio
  • Has low thermal expansion
  • Widely used in brands such as Adidas, Nike, MK, Montblanc, Chanel, Gucci and more.


Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet

MK fans who loves traditional style wallet will love our bifold collection for its compact size, wrap around zipper and moreover for its signature print. These bifold wallets provide added security, considered best for both man and woman. Its slim body with big capacity is also ideal for daily use. The inside of this stylish looking wallet is made from imported real leather with RFID blocking function tested by 3rd party approved laboratory.

Thinking To Purchase Ultra Lightweight Michael Kors Wallet?

CL CarbonLife is no less than these international brands. The manufacturers understand what components make a good wallet. From decent to high fashioned style, all categories are at one place. With MK signature style and nicely crafted leather, our carbon fiber wallet is the most affordable option. You can visit our website to browse streamlined wallet designs at a price 100% affordable to you.