Mma Shin Guards Are Massively Important For Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts that allows striking and grappling is a full-contact combat sport

using techniques both standing and on the ground from martial arts. Shin pads are important for sports like soccer, martial arts, and mma if you want to protect yourself from being kicked by your sparring partner. So you need to take care of your shin and your shin guard by regular taking care of its hygiene. Even high-quality branded leather pads, if not properly clean, will not survive the grueling punishment of these sports if you don’t care for them.


Which Fabric Mma Shin Guard To Purchase?


Neglect can decrease your shin guards lifespan, even if made up of high quality material. As per past experiences of players, carbon fiber pad is more comfortable and easy to wear as compared to leather which has been leading the industry since ages. Carbon fiber pads are durable (3 times stronger than steel) and affordable by all which means you don’t need to buy new set of protective gear very often. To avoid purchasing mma shin guards frequently, all you have to take care of following four simple things;

  • Sanitize them properly (after every use)
  • After you come back home, wash and dry them carefully.
  • Dry them out before wearing.
  • Allowing them to moisture out.

Or you can simply get a gym bag made up of the material that promotes airflow. This way you don’t need to worry in the middle of your day. As it is not possible to wash your pad after every session. A bag made up of leather fabric will allow air to get into the bag and pads and deter odor build up throughout the use.

Machine Wash or Hand Wash?


What would you prefer for your Mma Shin Guards?That is the most common thought in fighter’s mind. Exposing leather or carbon fiber to moisture for long time reduces its life and destroys integrity. Later you will see your pad will start to wrinkle. Machine wash is NOT a good idea because it takes away pad natural oils thus leaving it cracked. Carbon fiber shin pads can be used best if hand wash as we all know that hand wash doesn’t reduce fabric’s life.

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