N95 Mask: Everything You Need to Know

An N95 Mask is classified as a PPE or personal protective equipment. The mask was created for the protection of healthcare workers including doctors and nurses, manufacturing, construction and any industry requiring sanding or grinding. The masks are only intended to be used once.

In 2019, the approximate cost of an N95 mask was $1. Roughly one-third of all masks used are in North America. Only 14 percent of the masks used during 2019 were in the health care industry. The mask provides you with protection from contaminating liquids and airborne particles.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of N95 masks. For this reason, New York has recommended the masks be reused by healthcare workers to ensure supplies last longer. The epicenter of the outbreak in the United States is New York.


The CDC has recommended you wear a mask when you are in public to help maintain social distance in difficult areas including grocery stores. We believe everyone should be aware the CDC is not recommending the N95 masks be worn by the general public in most situations. The CDC has made templates available to show you how to use coffee filters to construct your own masks. This will provide you with protection from occasional sneezes or coughs.