Are You New To Wear Shin Guard? Here Is A Small Guide To Wear Your Shin Guard Properly

The number one rule of playing any game is ‘safety’ no matter where you are playing. In soccer the chances of getting hurt is quite large, therefore, precaution is a must have. Keeping in view the past players experiences, shin guards have saved many players from major fractures as that would occur without wearing it. Shin pads required for legal play in soccer leagues and come with two different types: those with ankle guards and the other without it. For each type, you should learn the proper way to wear your pad for your safety on the field.

For Extra Protection-Shin Guards With Ankle Guards

This type of shin guard is typically worn by youth players for extra protection. Before you wear socks with this type of pad, first put the shin guard, connecting its Velcro strap around your calf while straightening ankle into position. Once done, pull your sock over the guard to cover the entire unit.

For Adult players-Shin Guards without Ankle Guards

Shin guards without ankle guards have simple plastic inserts beneath fabric sleeves or socks, to secure with a Velcro strap around your calf. For this type, put your socks on before positioning guard. Once done, over the top of the shin guard pull the sock up.

Customization Your Fit-CL Carbonlife Can Do This For You

Wearing a shin guard not of your size is quite irritating for a player. You may find that improper guard size irritates your skin and may make you fall on the field. To solve this problem, first you need to take a pair of socks, cut off (according to your size) the foot portion, leaving that area that covers your calf.

Carbon Fiber Shin Guards Gives Your Extra Layer of Protection

These days the use of carbon fiber material is more in demand as compared to leather or other fabric. This is because the level of comfort provided to players by carbon fiber shin guards are beyond comparison. This fabric is super comfortable, thin, and stronger than steel which means you don’t need to buy your pair of shin pads every year. We got a huge range of designs, also we accept customization orders and provide on time delivery to the buyers. When shop from us, you don’t need to worried about the budget because the prices of our shin guards are easily affordable to all. Stop thinking and place your order now!

Tip: Wash your shin guards after every game to avoid any skin infections like fungus or eczema which might appear due to excessive sweating.