Planning To Switch From Traditional Smoking To Vaping? Get Complete Cbd-Juul-Pod-Information

Did you know juul pod is a new trend these days? It is destined for greatness and offers endless customizations and choices to the users, hence, eliminate all hassle. Guess, the best part is that no one could figure out that you’re smoking. But in the recent years, the use of juul welcomes few debates regarding harmness of lungs of the users but scientists have not yet found any solid proof and concluded that this method is 100% safe. Available in two-part design, the JUUL is non-refillable filled with e-liquid and battery. The first time users might face problems in the start and in return decide to quit the idea of vaping, while others don’t feel any complexity and might enjoy vaping. In this blog, we have share Cbd-Juul-Pod-Information. So, if you are looking for unlimited plethora of e-liquid choices in varying nicotine strengths, get your JUUL now.

To use JUUl, just click into the battery housing and enjoy! In 2015, the device hit the market by gaining  50% market share in the US in just less than three years. The manufactuerers were amazed by the response and since that they work better to make JUUl pod more efficient and easy to use. It welcomes new categories that inspired users to invest. Regular users can easily judge the difference between authentic and copycat products.

The JUUL is “nicotine-delivery device” and is portable, designed to mimic the physical experience of a cigarette and has two components without looking like a traditional cigarette. The top part is the e-liquid cartridge and the bottom part is the device; includes temperature regulation system and the battery. The JUUL device comes with a USB charger and is rechargeable so you can plug it into your charging block laptop.

Does the JUUL Affect Health?

Before you buy, make yourself aware of the fact that one JUUL pod is equal to the amount of 20 cigarettes nicotine. Then how it can be safe for your health? Researchers have concluded that traditional cigarattes are more dangerous than e-cigarettes. And if you are a chaim smoker than switching to a JUUL is the safest option, as it reduces users’ exposure to toxicants present in conventional cigarettes. Also, it is suggested that if you’re not a smoker than you should also stay away from JUUL.

Does JUUL Resembles Flash Drive?

Because the JUUL is relatively small in size and looks exactly like a flash drive, parents and teachers are concerned about identifying students using the JUUL during class. It resembles flash drive and the charging procedure is quiet modern. Simply plug it in a pc flash drive port and no one could judge it’s a smoking device. Unlike other e-cigarettes, the JUUL is rechargeable and compact and comes with a build in internal temperature mechanism that prevents the device from overheating.

According to a Fox News report, there are many schools that have banned the use of flash drives, due to the confusion that students might bring JUUL device in the school. In fact, the makers of the device have clearly stated that the use of JUUL is only for adults (21 years or above) and strictly prohibited for minors. Also, it is illegal to sell JUUL pod to people below 21 years old.

According to the FDA, e-cigarette use among high school students rose from 1.5 to 16 percent and from 2011 to 2015. More than two million middle and high school students used e-cigarettes in 2016. Alarming! Since the JUUL design is just like a flash drive, it is no problem for teens to hide at school. Many students have been caught using JUUL in the back of the classroom.


Advantages of a Vape Pod System

  • Discreet
  • No Learning Curve
  • Strong Nicotine Hit
  • Leak proof
  • Inexpensive
  • Portable

Disadvantages of a Vape Pod System

  • Small Capacity
  • Limited Selection of Flavors
  • Shorter Battery Life


Can Minors Buy CBD JUUL Pods Online?

As we have discussed that JUUL is not for minors so they cannot purchase it anyway. Strict controls have been placed by online shopping websites regarding the sale of device. Once you place your order you will only be able to receive it only when the rider who comes to your doorstep is satisfied of your identity. Yes, you need to show him your ID card and then he will handle you the device.

Types of JUUL Pod System

Refillable pod systems: you can enjoy plethora of choices available in terms of flavor. ..

Non-refillable pod system: pre-filled with e-liquid.

Generally, the JUUL device price range is between $35 to $50. Compared to a pack of cigarettes, it costs little high but with additional benefits. Once you get your JUUL pod, invest in a high quality cbd oil to refill it. For more Cbd-Juul-Pod-Information, stay tuned to our blog section.