Replace Your Bulky Wallet With The Best Money Clip Wallet Available in RFID-Blocking Feature

If you’re tired of carrying heavy wallet and now ready to stop carrying it every day, look no further and buy slim money clip wallet available for both men and women. You will be amazed to know that the money clip fits perfectly in your jeans pocket, dress pants or shorts. Unlike traditional bulky wallet, money clip wallet is lightweight, so you will be able to move freely and won’t feel like your pockets are weighed down. It has minimalist design that reduce the number of essentials and you will only be able to carry important things. Isn’t it the best thing? Sticking to the essentials will save a lot of your time and keeps you away from juggling through multiple expired cards and bills.


What is RFID-blocking?

Becaue credit card is a sensitive stuff to carry so manufacturers have introduced RFID-blocking feature in the wallets. RFID technology keeps your cards secure from identity theft and credit card fraud. So, whenever you plan to purcahse money clip wallet, make sure it has RFID miracle feature.


Does CL CarbonLife offers RFID-blocking?

The CL Carbonlife Money Clip is made up from Carbon Fiber material which features a patent-pending technology (RFID-blocking) that prevents magnetic signals from being used to get your identity from your credit cards. The carbonfiber (aircraft grade composite material) offers an air of sophistication and luxury.


Enough space


Our money clip wallets are sturdy enough to hold your imporatnt cards and money, yet lightweight enough. This money clip is a great substitue of a wallet. We make durable products, engineered to return to its original shape, making it convenient. The color combination currently avaiable for Glossy Money Clip: black, black/gray, blue, green, red and silver.

If you want to maximize the number of cards you need to carry, while still traveling light, choose our especially designed Double-Sided Money Clip wallet. An excellent choice for travelors. You can easily carry your bank cards on one side and cash on the other side, without putting weight to your pockets.This is the perfect option for those who like carry only the minimum amount and who like to keep it simple.


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