How To Use Your Virtual Wallet

The concept of payment via debit and credit card is almost known to everyone and has been used by all for making their payments more easy and cashless. As we know that the world of digitalized payment is advancing day by day, people are amazed by new payment methods, leaving the obsolete one. The term “ Virtual Wallet” sounds magical as the term virtual indicates ‘’ not physically existing’’. The Virtual Wallet is a cashless payment service offered by PNC Bank which helps “manage your financial life” in a better way than before. It comes with features, such as Wish List, a Money Bar, and a savings function named. PNC called it a Reserve account. A handy Calendar manages your commitments for money and provides an overview of payday and money going out in the future (reminder is set) in form of rent, bills and so on. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Lately it seems like cash went out of fashion as most companies are finding new ways for you to make payments. Instead of getting worried to carry a credit or debit card, these companies want to manage everything using a virtual wallet-a platform to hold your money online. It shouldn’t be confused with Internet banking which means your bank account has not relation with and doesn’t need to be accessed. You need to store the money in a wallet, to initiate the transactions and can add more money to it as required with the time. Most services also offer a mobile app to make your payments easier so you can easily check your balance.

If Not Virtual Wallet Get Your Hands On Carbon Fiber Wallet

If you think technology is not for you or don’t feel comfortable in making online payments, you can buy carbon fiber wallets for daily use. These wallets are much in demand by both men and women who in addition to virtual wallets also holds physical wallets as you know you cannot process online transactions everywhere. The benefit of carrying wallets is that you can check your balance anytime without relying on mobile app or other services online. Plus these wallets complete your look and make your appearance better than before. In the professional world, from upper to lower level, all love to carry wallets inside their pockets as this shows style statement too. When searching for the best carbon fiber wallet, don’t forget to visit www.clcarbonlife.com, the best manufacturer of carbon fiber products such as wallets, money clips, shin guards, aramid phone cases etc. We guarantee you will find us the best in terms of price and quality.