Wearing Masks vs Not Wearing Masks

Wearing Face Masks vs Not Wearing Face Masks. The culture and attitudes to wearing face masks in public is drastically different between the East and West.

Many countries in the East, Singapore, Japan, China, South Korea and others have given their citizens advise (or mandatory orders) to wear face masks in public.

Officials in western countries have been telling citizens that wearing face masks do not help and healthy people should not be wearing face masks.

We have always maintained that this goes against all common sense and logic. Officials are now admitting that the advice was given to save face masks for health professionals.

In this post we won’t go into the moral aspects of this bad advice. It is clear however that front line workers, drivers, retail workers, food service and many non-hospital health care workers have not been wearing masks and it has not only endangered their lives but endangered the lives of the general public.

Up until now, there hasn’t been any data comparisons on this topic but more people are starting to talk and think about this.

Comparison. Countries wearing masks vs. not wearing masks
Comparison. Countries wearing masks vs. not wearing masks

While they are only high level comparison and not a peer reviewed scientific study, it is still eye opening. It is clear that the East countries that are wearing masks have been much more successful in containing the spread of the virus.