Carbon Fiber Wallet Is An Important Accessory, But Banking With Virtual Wallet Is Also Necessary?

Virtual Wallet is an essential online banking tool that helps you manage the money you’re holding in PNC checking, savings, and other accounts. Whereas, a physical wallet is equally important to carry. For iPhone and Android users, there is also an app that syncs with the online tools. Here’s a breakdown of a few important features:

Money Bar

A bar graph shows how much money you have in hand for general spending called ‘Free on the Money Bar’. You can schedule how much you need to set aside to pay upcoming bills and how much should be in reserve.

Calendar and Online Bill Pay

This feature shows bills, expenses, and income in a daily, weekly or monthly view. It also highlights Danger Days in red if payments could exceed the income. If you see Danger Days, the best thing is to move funds from your Reserve stash. Also set online bill pay in the calendar and you’ll get an email to remind making one time or recurring payments, so you don’t have to worry for overdue bills.

Spending Zone

With the help of this tool, you can set up a budget and getting budget reports. Assign amount in and view totals for budgeted categories (transactions) and compare spending with a graphical report. In the case of overspending, you will receive warning emails too.

Transferring Funds

Virtual Wallet helps you transfer funds in three ways; use Popmoney to make a transaction using the mobile phone number or an email address, between PNC bank accounts, or you can set up non-PNC accounts to make transactions.

Carbon fiber wallet for men and women

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