What Is Youth Shin Guard For?

shin guard is defined as a piece of equipment worn by the players on the front of their shin to protect them from injury. We know that the first and formost rule of playing any kind of sport is safety. If you’re not safe how will you be called a good player? A player can only play well and win trophy if his body parts are safe during the play. In the past, we have seen many examples of broken legs and shins that ruined player’s life making them unfit for future sports. So, why not to protect yourself before entering the field?

Shin guards are commonly used in sports; football, baseball, lacrosse, cricket, field hockey, ice hockey, mountain bike trials, and other sports. Nowadays, protective guards are a must have either being required by the governing body of the sport or worn voluntarily for protective measures. People are getting aware of its benefits and so the growing popularity of shin pads have captured the market. Cricket adopt the use of shin guards at first, to gain an advantage for the field players and batsman. You can see the batsman who wore the leg pads is protected when the ball hits into his legs.

Which Material Is Best For Purchasing Shin Guard?

Modern day shin guards are made of but not limited to:

  • Foam rubber-Not as sturdy as fiberglass and very light weight.
  • Fiberglass– Sturdy, stiff, and light weight.
  • Polyurethane– Heavy and sturdy
  • Plastic– Less protective than other materials
  • Metal– Heavy and highly protective, but uncomfortable.


Carbon Fiber Wins The Race!

Among all other materials that are used for the manufacturing of shin guards, carbon fiber is leading the industry.  It has low density with a very high strength to weight ratio. This simply means that carbon fiber material is tough and cannot easily bogged down like steel or aluminum, therefore, making it perfect for cars or airliners applications. The major advantages of carbon fiber over like steel, aluminum, wood and plastics (traditional materials) include:

  • High stiffness and strength.
  • LowCTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)
  • Durability
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • X-ray transparency.
  • Chemical resistivity.


Why Choose CL Carbonlife?

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