Cardholder or Wallet? Which Suits You Best Depends On Your Needs

Wallets and cardholders both have different purposes. What you need depends on your daily need of carrying number of cards or bills. Cardholder has limited compartments whereas, wallets are bigger in size and allows you to store cards, bills, cash and keys etc. So if you are tired of carrying a bulky wallet every time and even don’t want to store too much stuff inside it then buying a cardholder is a good option.


Don’t junk your cardholder


Flattery gets you everywhere, therefore, you should organize your cards (credit/debit card, oyster card, business card, license, work pass etc) and keep into a card holder in a mannered way so that you don’t need to lost inside it every time you need it. Cardholder should look slim: Suppose your fatty wallet went on a diet: don’t overburden your cardholder as it is thin as compared to wallets so most of the time it goes unnoticed when slid in pocket. They are best to carry if you don’t want your wardrobe appearance embarrassing. A good wardrobe represents a sign of gentleman.


Choose from various designs

Card holder, makes your life easier as it comes in various designs to choose from. The slim design makes the pocket easily accessible, so you won’t struggle much when pulling out the card. If you are in a sales profession, cardholders are best for you to invest in. Because you need to meet people every day, telling them about your business activity etc, therefore, carrying business card every time is important because it is the best tool of the trade. Cardholder is a necessity in this case as it looks bad if you take out your bulky wallet being professional sale personnel.


Choose carbon fiber card holder

When choosing a card holder, it is very important to consider the fabric it is made up of. For instance, carbon fibers aka graphite fiber are best in demand these days, made up of strong crystalline carbon filaments, giving the end product finished look.


Clean your cardholder at regular intervals

When you get home, empty out the stuff out of cardholder that you don’t need anymore. This habit would never make your holder look bad. For a true gentleman, treating their cardholder represents a sacred vessel! Since we are in the production of carbon fiber products, you will see a variety of card holders, wallets, money clips, shin guards that are made up of pure carbon fiber. To shop from us, simply visit www.clcarbonlife.com and choose the variety to shop from which suits you best.