Protect Your Expensive iphone 6 With Stylish iphone 6 Wallet Cases In Style

iPhone, designed and marketed by Apple Inc, has captured the market across the world and has won hearts of each individual. In the era of digital advancement, where technology comes first, everyone search for best smartphone features which iPhone 6 offers the best. This model allows you to carry your credit cards in an advanced way “digitally” and comes with NFC-related tech (Apple Pay), means that you don’t need to carry cards everywhere with you physically because the data is saved on your iPhone6. With this data saving feature who does not want to invest in? Once you get your phone don’t forget to purchase carbon fiber iPhone 6 wallet cases that are available in different designs and of paramount importance for the protection of your expensive gadget.


People carry wallets to carry their day to day essentials like cash, bills, cards and old receipts. Similarly they need to carry their smartphones and for which a wallet case is a must have purchase. People who own expensive mobile phones are being observed by everyone; therefore, their mobile wallet case is also noticeable. What if you carry old style phone covers? With carbon fiber Iphone6 wallet case, you don’t need to worry about design or affordability because it has come up with exciting feature that would never overburden your pocket (light weighted) and you will love to hold it in your hands.


Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are mostly used for wallet cases manufacturing because both materials are well renowned for its durability and light weight. Because carbon fiber electrical conductivity feature doesn’t allow signal reception therefore Kelvar (non-conductive ) is widely used in iPhone 6 wallet case production, to help mitigate interference. To those who don’t know much about Kevlar (developed by the US DuPont); it is an aramid fiber material popular for low density, good strength and high temperature resistant. Also Kevlar is dyed black so majority people get confused and thinks it is same as carbon fiber material.

Why Choose CL CarbonLie?

We manufacture best iphone6 wallet cases;

  • Made of 100% real Kevlar;
  • NO interfere with cell signal
  • Durable;
  • Extremely lightweight; and
  • Perfectly fit your hand

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