Face Masks: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

The mask shortage for medical workers is real and getting worse by the hour — we want to help and so do the millions of Kids Activities Blog readers!

It’s so bad, in fact, that the CDC has created guidelines for extending the use of face masks, and what to do when masks simply aren’t available.

What you may not expect is that Kids Activities Blog has two physicians on staff!

More recently, scientists have realized that droplet and airborne transmission exist along more of a spectrum. Droplets can stay in the air for more or less time, and spread through more or less volume of space before settling on the ground. The term for this new droplet-airborne spectrum idea is “aerosol transmission”. Diseases with aerosol transmission may be spread primarily through droplets, but can get inhaled along with the air too. This concept is controversial, with different authorities having different opinions over which viruses can be aerosolized. It looks like most people now believe aerosol transmission is real and applicable to conditions like influenza, SARS, and coronavirus.