Five Reasons I Wear Surgical Face Masks

Here are Five reasons I wear surgical face masks:

1. It’s COLD. Think of this as an eco-friendly heater for your face. My breath keeps my nose, cheeks, and lips warm in the blistering cold.

2. Slack on Grooming. I have days when I don’t want to pay attention to how I look, but don’t necessarily want to expose others to my lack of grooming. Plus, hiding a huge pimple has never been easier!

3. Illness. Japanese people, who are sick, wear masks as a courtesy to others. When I happen see a sick person, without a mask, who is uncomfortably close by, I’m always glad to be armed with my own shield.

4. I smell something… funny. Living in Japan is a dream, but it doesn’t always smell like one. Whether I’m stuck on a crowded train with someone who has B.O. or I’m walking through a part of the city that reeks of urine, a mask helps to ward off those unpleasant odors.

5. To be left alone. In such a bustling city, being around so many people can get exhausting. Wearing a mask somehow makes me feel that I’m gaining personal space by becoming somewhat invisible. Plus, if someone tries to talk to me, I can just feign illness!