Kids Shin Guards With Ankle Sleeves Are Must Have

The legs of your little one are more fragile and if not wearing a good quality kids shin guards, a terrible kick can badly hurt your adolescent and give dreadful wounding. Accidents happen when player-to-player contact and try to kick the ball but kick each other legs. This hard kick can cause fractures as well as bruises, contusions (soft tissue injuries) to the extremities.

According a study, shins are the 3rd most sensitive area to be injured and also confirmed that guards decreased the risk of injuries compared to playing without it. Even if your kid go out for cycling, shin guards with ankle sleeves are mandatory to wear. The agreeable material of these protective guards doesn’t make you feel the effect of falling down or coincidental kick if you’re playing football or soccer. Youngster themselves can effortlessly manage to put on and adjust easily.


Buy Shin Guards With Ankle Sleeves

The playing skills of younger are on low level so that need more protection and care. For extra protection of your young ones ankles, we suggest you to buy guards with ankle sleeves because the strap under the foot helps the guard to remain place and your kid feels comfortable.

Tip !

Before you buy one, it is very important to determine the right size of your kids shin guard. A simple formula can help you choose the right size. Stick to the rule:

Measure the length of your child shin (“3/4 of a length-rule”) and multiple by 0.75 (3/4-75%). This helps you to buy both comfort and protection. That’s it. If you want to buy shin guard on Internet, apply the same rule or take online agent help.

Today’s shin guards are made out of different materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • K-resin
  • Polyurethane
  • Thermo Plastic Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Polyethylene and
  • Carbon fiber


All materials are good for protection but shin guard made up of carbon fiber is the next level protection your kid wants these days. They are light-weighted, durable and highly effective form of protection. Adidas and Nike shin guards are specially manufactured by carbon fiber material and are in demand since ages.

CL Carbonlife Gives You Best Kids Shin Guards

We are in the business of manufacturing carbon fiber products since last five years. After detailed research, we came to the conclusion that no other material gives you that level of comfort and protection which carbon fiber does.

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