Why A Use Of Shin Guard Is Of Paramount Importance For Healthy Living Of A Player?

When we talk about player protection, regardless of the level of play, shin guard (aka shin pad) is a must-have. These are commonly used in cricket, hockey, football, ice hockey, and other sports to protect player shins and ankles from injuries like fractures and sprains. But shin pads are only effective if worn properly and made of good material. The bigger the size of the pad, the wider it accommodates your leg diameters.

  • Measure your leg: You are at risk if your shin pad is too small to cover your leg fully. Also an improper fitting of the pad can impede your performance and distract you while performing. Therefore, for maximum protection and good performance pick the right size for you.
  • To cover the bend of your ankle you need to measure the shin guard two inches below the knee.
  • Like all products, when talk about the material, shin guards are made up of synthetic materials like fiber glass, plastic, metal, polyurethane, foam rubber and carbon fiber. While, all these materials are in use but carbon fiber are in much demand by the players.

Why Carbon Fiber Shin Guards are most effective?

According to “The Journal of Sports Science” study conducted last year, among all other defensive materials Carbon fiber shin guard is the most effective one. It acts as a defensive element that lessens the effect of pain your shin bone gets. The cutting edge of this shin guard is made up of carbon fiber that offers security, and a player gets the larger part of the insurance. Custom made pads are most expensive but are the best possible protection as compared to commercial polypropylene guards.

Take Good Care of Your Shin Pads

Can you imagine wearing a same shirt all season? No! Then how can you wear a shin guard without washing it after every play? YUCK! Make a habit of washing your guards before it becomes super-stinky. You can wash your pads by hand with warm water on weekly basis. Avoid putting them in the dryer as they might lose their shape. Simply, hang them to dry. The more you take care of hygiene, more you will be protected from skin infections like eczema, fungus etc.

Don’t Cheap Out Here! Invest In A Proper One

There are many life examples of famous players who got injured just because of the poor shin guard quality. If you Google their stories, you will get to know how a best quality can be your life saver. Cleary, shin pads offer best protection against fractures and help prevent abrasions, contusions, etc. They reduce the risk and can assist you in avoiding injuries that could put your health in jeopardy and keep you off the field. Furthermore, don’t stress over your budget when purchasing the shin pad for you. Choose the best quality and not the price because the race of saving few dollars could end up you with severe injuries.