Why You Need A Google Wallet?

The term Google wallet was first heard in the year 2011. According to a study by Pew Internet, more than 90% of Americans have cell phone these days out of which around 56% have smartphones. Google wallet is an app that allows users to store their debit/credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards securely and use them to make payment at above 300,000 Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass terminals. The app can be downloaded on Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple and on certain tablets. The concept of Google wallet is same as consumer shop and pay for the items. The owners of this app seek to take advantage of this trend by allowing users to pay for items by using their cell phones.


Carrying credit or debit cards everywhere with you increases the chances of fraudulent activities by strangers. Suppose you go out for shopping and lost your debit card somewhere, the person who gets your card can easily make purchases and you will end up with zero balance. Having your card information encrypted on app is a lot safer than carrying it physically. The encrypted credit and debit card payment information on Google Wallet also protect you from waiter or clerk’s evil eye copying your information and using it later. Google Wallet requires user PIN code to access the details and there is nothing to copy. Even if your phone is stolen you don’t need to worry about the data inside it.


We love transactions to be processed faster than before. With Google wallet the payments are being made quickly than you hand it to a clerk or find your card and sign the receipt.


Old People Love Carrying Physical Wallets

The latest trend of goggle wallet is more famous among young generation but oldies still like to carry physical wallets with them. Also your wallet speaks about your personality so majority prefers to carry with them for daily use. What will happen if your phone battery goes off or your internet connection gets failed to process the transaction? You will end up with frustration.

Carbon Fiber Wallets Are Never The Less

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