Protect Your Expensive Gadget With Best Iphone 6s Plus Wallet Case

Apple has again successfully launched a beautifully crafted sophisticated piece of functional technology. Did you have purchased your iPhone 6s Plus? If not get to know the plethora of exciting features it offers and once you get it don’t forget to protect the screen with the best wallet case.

Larger screen: The new iPhone 6’s 4.7 inches display with 0.27-inch thick profile offers 326 pixels per inch. Also, it eliminates the need to carry plastic money as three major credit card companies have collaborated with Apple to provide consumers better purchasing power-The new Apple Pay allows purchases with iPhone, safely and the digital card service can be used in apps. This is one of the best features. Whosoever doesn’t want to protect this expensive gadget?

Out of this world storage: Apart from offering best camera, the storage capacity is amazing-16GB to 128GB. Also, facial recognition feature has been improved as compared to previous versions of iPhone.

Invest in Carbon fiber wallet cases

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Wallet cases aren’t bulky


Some people are afraid to invest in wallet cases because of perception that they are heavy to hold and wouldn’t fit in their wardrobe. But the truth is that carbon fiber is super thin and best known for its light weight. Your wardrobe would never look ugly and once you start using our wallet case you will enjoy everything about it.

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