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How to Sew a Fabric Face Mask Easily at Quick Time?

Supervision on whether to wear a face mask differs nearby. But the world health organization and centers for disease control and prevention have advised to all the people to wear basic cloth masks in public which will protect all of us from getting infected from various types of harmful dust particles, flues and viruses as well. So at this moment, the demand of fabric face mask is at peak and there is huge shortage of this essential product. To overcome this difficulty many health workers suggested making your own mask at home and wearing for the safety of your friend and family. Are your worried about, how to make face mask with fabric? Then read through the below paragraphs which will give you the overall idea about how to prepare the home made reusable face mask in some easy steps. We have found a method that is really simple and faster and has worked well for us to produce cloth face mask for sale in bulk. So as the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of masks online we though to share what we’ve learned in the making process: how to make a fabric face mask easy and quick way and with the help of best elastic or cotton ties for face masks.

There are a lot of great mask patterns and distinctions out there to be prepared and wear for the protection. The one that we found easiest for us is this and we like that it’s tremendously simple to cut and sew at your end. Because of its simple shape it’s also actually easy to resize to any size face or require. We eventually found a source for softer, thinner elastic that is so much more comfortable and less irritating for the wearer. People also going for the great demanded Kn95 face mask, however we would like to tell you that fabric face cover will be the best fit at this time. If you want to make the face cover other than elastic then you can go with the mask with ties.  For the fabric face mask we are using premium quality cotton on both sides.

Let’s start the discussion on preparing process of face mask. First of all prepare the fabric before you get started – as with our entire face mask sewing pattern, we advise that you wash each fabric earlier than you cut and sew it. That way, the sewn sections can’t shrink later in the wash and press with heat iron on the fabric smooth previous to you start to make it easier to cut.

Before you start, get together all necessary supplies. Cut out the paper pattern pieces according to your size. Your pattern piece 1 should be cut 1 x piece 1 from the top cotton fabric and the pattern piece 2 – cut 2 x piece 2 from the both the lining and filter. If you would like to sew diverse sizes, please use tracing paper or dressmaker’s carbon paper to trace each size.

Cut out the pieces for the mask and fold the fabric in half, right side facing in. Pin paper pattern piece 1 to the double layer of fabric and keep in mind that you have to put the printed side facing up and always try to use chalk or a pen to mark along the border of the paper pattern piece. Cut out on the marked lines and clip about 3 mm into the ridge grant at the small markings. Then go to use pattern piece 2 to cut out the lining and the filter of the face mask. Then stitch the pieces together along the bent centre ridge spaced 1 cm next to the edge. Then trim the ridge allowances to 5 mm and never cut into the ridge. Then you should press the allowances open. Stitch the seams on the lining and centre seam on the filter similarly.

Once the above things done, then stitch to each side of the centre ridge on all pieces spaced 2 mm very next to the pressed open ridge allowances. This will make the ridge lay flat. Tidy the allowances at the short edges of the inside layer with a thin zigzag stitch or over lock stitch and press the allowances 1 cm wide to the inside and stitch.

To double the mask, lay the inside layer on the mask with right sides facing, and pin the upper and lower edges of the mask and lining together while you should make sure the centre seams are matched. Stitch these edges together 1 cm next to the edges and also press the ridge allowance not yet sewn at the end of both edges. Stitch 7mm wide along the upper edge from one side border to the other. Then this is the time to construct a casing for the elastic. Insert the elastic or cotton tie to the both side in equal size and also use a safety pin as a bodkin to put in the elastic through the side casings. The elastic can then be removed from the face mask for washing. At the final process cut a piece of wire about 16 cm long, bend over the ends of the wire and slip it into the casing at the upper edge and press the wire to your face when you put on the mask which will offer an best possible fit.

At the end as the leading supplier and manufacturer of bulk face mask we would like to tell you that your mask must always be kept dry and after wearing, watchfully remove it and avoid touching the fabric sides with your hand or body. Wash the mask after use and let it dry completely under 60 degree temperature.