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How to Identify Original Kn95 Respirator Face Mask?

According to the pollution and viruses time is around the corner in all over world and with it comes the problem of diseases. Last few months are considered the worst months for air quality and infection diseases due to flues and viruses. At this very tough time everyone are worried about their own and family safety with prevention. As we know at this current time the most demanded thing that is in trend is a face mask which offers highest level protection to the wearer and keep away from any type of transmission of flues, bacteria or even viruses to enter inside through mouth and nose. These diseases have a variety of health consequences on the people. Poor air quality is a reason of compact lung capacity, lung cancer, headaches, coughs, fatigue, sore throats and premature death. In addition, there are various research shows that the pollution can lower children’s immune system and augment the risks of cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and even adult-onset diseases like multiple sclerosis. Along with the pollution virus and flues are the other dangerous things that are highly risky for the people.

In times of calamity like these, there is no doubt a good respirator goes a long way in protecting the health of the users while using them properly. These respirators are specially designed to protect the user against injurious PM2.5 sized particles that are most harmful to the human lung can also cause death. In fact respirators are so proficient that they even filter out particles as low as of size 0.3 micron that are available in the air medium or can transmit through the air to one another. Respirators are designed with special premium quality fabrics that help in filtration of air. But the question is, how to identify a good and original respirator is of extreme significance as some masks or respirators give the false impression of safety but are not designed to function against these harmful particles and simply you can say fail to offer the protection.

Medical researchers and doctors have focused on one meticulous type of respirator that is NIOSH approved KN95 respirator face mask. But why has this particular respirator attained such a status whereas there a host of equally comparable and certified respirators like the CE certified or even other types of certified respirator. As this face mask is WHO recommended dealing with the outbreak. This caused a sensitive scarcity of these respirators and there was panic due to unavailability of original KN95 face mask. Only when the WHO was made aware of this, other equivalent models of respirators certified by some of the medial recommended. However, the trend has persevered and the online and offline market have usually accepted KN95 respirator as the best solution for the time being. This has unhappily given rise to fake and spurious products being sold in the market in huge amount as the higher demand. A respirator that has KN95 written besides it is not enough to certify its validity. It is made with cheap fabric and duplicate parts to dupe the consumer. Before getting the product check the fabric quality and respirator material and identify the original KN95 face mask which will help you preventing from the infection.