5-G Carbon Fiber Wallet Shows Us a Glimpse Of The Realistic Wallet


Carbon fiber is nothing new, but the material has been coming down in cost and should continue to do so as more of it is produced for various applications. After all, it’s not like carbon is a rare element; what’s needed are economies of scale and further incremental improvements to manufacturing processes. Once the material is cheap enough, we should see a lot more of it pop up in things that benefit from being light yet strong (cars, planes, trains, and of course, bikes).

The CL Carbonlife wallet, available in both a traditional bifold wallet and chic stylish money clip version, is a good example of this. To be sold by CL Carbonlife who has specialist in manufacturing carbon fiber products for years, it is made of real carbon fiber with classic 3k twill weave effect, making the wallet as strong as steel yet weighting less than aluminum. The whole wallet weighs less than 5g.



The CL Carbonlife carbon fiber wallet was expected to cost a truckload of money when it goes on sale, which didn’t make it a realistic choice for mere mortals. But just as CD players, cellphones and computers were ridiculously expensive at first, costs have come down to something more affordable within a few years.

CL Carbonlife factory