Money Clips

Money Clips Are In Vogue Again So Your Pocket Won’t Sag From The Weight Of Wallet Again!

Are you seeking for a suitable gift for your husband? Or your husband gets bored of his old fashioned wallet? Whatever the reason, invest in a mature one! A money clip can be a perfect elegant gift for him to store cash and credit/debit cards in an extremely presentable manner, if he doesn’t want to carry a wallet. Because a bulky wallet looks funny when pull out in public. It also affects your wardrobe appearance when carried around pocket.

Money clips are appropriate for both men and women of any kind: white collar or blue collar, older or younger and comes in various sizes, styles and shapes. A gentlemen needs to be presentable and functional but people carrying heavy wallets somehow lose their first impression. The reason is when they reach their pocket to pull out card or cash, dozens of receipts and bills comes out of their wallets. Take care, this isn’t a great impression! This is why money clips are back in fashion these days. They are small and slim fashion trend that can carry minimum of cards and cash you need on daily basis.

Money clips don’t allow you to over burden your pocket same like wallets do and compel to trim the items to the essential ones. Other benefit of using money clips is that it streamline your spending and also safe you from embarrassing moments of sitting down uncomfortably. They keep your loose bills together and keep you organize every time.


Before you shop for magnetic money clip, don’t forget to check the material it is made up of. They are made from different types of leather material like Top Grain, Napa, Italian, or other skins; Eel, Synthetic, or even carbon fiber, metal and more. Among all, carbon fiber is the best material for your wallet or money clip. It carries all features of metal but is more flexible and even harder of steel. Only a clip made with durable and lightweight carbon fiber material remains unnoticeable in your pocket while others give bulky look.

Color options:

Do you have a dull color money clip? Get something funky that reflects your style and taste. Nowadays, hundreds of colors money clips are available in the market. Look at the option that let you be more stylish.

Magnetic money clips:

The word “clip” indicates something has to hold your money and cards, right? Not all clips use magnets, so search around and look at your personal choice.

Now you have an overall picture of money clip, you probably understand why the use of money clip is important. Smooth all over, they are best to gift when engraved with recipients name to give them personal touch.