Four Qualities Of A Good Wallet

The wallet https://clcarbonlife.com/wallets-men-symbol-fashion/ no matter what your job is a universal thing. If you noticed people carry at least three things in their daily life; keys, phone and wallet. You never realize but the most versatile thing, except your Smartphone, in your pocket is wallet. It carry your credit/debit cards, ID cards, business cards, old receipts, driving license, keys, cash/coins many other things in an organized way.

It is a necessity but if perfectly crafted with the mix of beautiful design and colors, it becomes noticeable. In this blog we discuss 4 features a good wallet must possess.


Carbon fiber (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_fibers) wallet is actually stronger and light weighted than any other material and is gaining much popularity day by day. The idea of making wallets from carbon fiber comes into existence when manufacturers realized that other materials put weight on pocket and also don’t last long. Carbon fiber minimalist wallet are light and durable, and the best part is that they look elegant.


We want everything to put in our wallet and hate to compromise between two things. If you are a person who loves to store old bills for long time, you should buy a spacious wallet. But if you carry only 2 to 3 cards with limited cash and coins then get a slim perfectly designed wallet.


A 4”x3.5” wallet is enough to store your essentials and perfectly fit most of your jeans pocket. Bigger size is difficult to carry and make your things move here [/] and there [\]but unnecessarily small size wallet limit your ability to store enough essentials.


Paying attention to minute details is called craftsmanship. Poor craftsmanship like small misalignment in stitching can make the overall look ugly and completely overshadow the quality. Before you buy one, do inspect a wallet properly. Pay close attention to inside areas, and corners that is where the good craftsman talent is hidden.

Where to buy?

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